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A guy who loves good sex from slow sensual to fast wild rocky sex.I am well hung around 8 inches. Looking for fun openminded Girl who loves great sex and fancy big dick DO email me. シンガポールへようこそ。あなたは楽しさと健康的なセックスを望んでいる日本のカップルや日本人の女の子であれば、参加して、あなたの詳細およびお問い合わせを私にメールしてください。どうもありがとうございました Nicefunbuddy@gmail.com

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Singapore Exhibitionists,Couples Sex Show.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Taken from a source...2 different couples.

Singapore Ladies,Girls Exhibitionist Expose Body Tour

Taken from a Source.....
Spice things up in the bedroom this Singaporean Exhibitionist Lady decided to spice things up by taking the nudity and sex play outside. Must be thrilling as hell for her to be showing off her body in public like this all over the island. Good to see some Singaporeans enjoy their exhibitionism as much as any hedonistic European country.  LOL. I suspect many Singaporean women have decided to step up to the next level after seeing all the public nudity happening in their backyard in recent years.

10 Swinger Clubs Around The World - CANADA Part 1

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Swinger clubs existed even back in the ancient times. Way before our time. There are reported to have around 3000 swinger clubs around the world in 2011 with even more undiscovered. I dun think I can cover every one so I bring to you some Top 10 Swinger Clubs Around the World. If you happen to know some of want to contribute do email me. Thks

Asia Swinging Clubs- coming soo.....n












Swinger Parties Guide and Shows

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Swinger Parties are very common is USA and other parts of the world. Singapore has its fair share of swinger parties. And this is getting common nowadays and mostly held behind close doors. Perhaps the world is coming to an end, its time to be more openminded and truly embrace more sex and fantasies....

1. Who will get asked to a swinger party?
Invites to swinger parties at clubs or house parties usually extend to couples, unaccompanied women and may choose select unaccompanied males within the lifestyle.
Individuals who attend a swinger house party are by invitation only. The host themselves select who they would like to invite for their home for any house party.

2. What individuals am I going to meet at swinger party?
Various swinger couples and singles all different
                                                                                background, race and religions will attend swinger party. Age groups will even vary from party to party. Most will vary from mid 20’s to mid 50’s.

3. What’s the different between swinger parties at clubs and individuals held in a house?
Listed here are the variations:
  • Swinger parties at clubs require members
  • For entry at club’s parties an entry fee is needed
  • Parties at clubs may either be on-premises (sexual activities are allowed around the     premises) or off-premises (sexual activities not allowed on premises).
  • You will find much more couples and single swingers decide from at club’s party
  • Swinger house parties are only able to be attending via invitation.
  • House parties tend to be more discreet and.
4. Could it be hard for me and my partner to arrange a swinger house party?
It is not difficult to organize your own swinger house party. Please see next blog “How To Throw A Swinger Party” for information.

5. If my spouse and I are asked to swinger house party, should I take anything to the party?
Usually at a swinger house party you and your partner do not need to bring anything other then yourselves plus some toiletries for use on your use. Some hosts may request you to definitely BYOB (bring your personal bottle) of alcohol and drinks for your own personnel consumption along with a plate of finger food for everybody to talk about. When the host requires you to definitely bring anything it might be written around the invitation.

How to throw a swinger Party?

By getting your personal swinger house party in the swing of things it may provide a more discreet and relaxing atmosphere for you personally, your lover along with a couple of other swinging couple buddies. If you want to invite new swinging friends, sites like offer the ability for you to create swinger groups, and post swinger events such as parties in the swinger party section. By doing this, you will definitely increase your chances of having a huge party, should you desire to. Keep in mind to promote your party at least 30-45 days in advance, if you post a party a week before, you may find that not too many people will show up.
You can designate your local area and let people sign up. This will allow you to sign up for an event and invite as many people to your party as possible.

Organizing a swinger house party may seem quite simple, but plenty of things should be done ahead to ensure that the party goes well. Listed here are a couple of tips that you may want to consider before getting your party:

#1 First and foremost, make certain that your property is neat and clean.

#2 For those who have a spa, health spa or perhaps a pool and plan for doing things for the party, make certain it’s neat and fit to be used.

#3 Prepare a plan as to which rooms in the home should be used for social, private, and open areas.

#4 Prepare fresh clean sheets around the beds within the rooms which will be used for play.

swinger house party

#5 If you are planning to supply toiletries for the guest, remember to have ample clean towels ready. If you don’t intend to, include in the invitation that the guest will be to bring their very own.

#6 For individuals who’re people who smoke, possess a designate area like the patio, garage, or specific room for smoking purpose only.

#7 If your guests arrive by driving, make certain you have ample car parking on their behalf.

#8 For those who have children, make sure they stay at a friends place or relative that evening.

#9 Should you own a pet place it in a unused room, garage, or outdoors within the garden. Be sure to provide it with water and food.

#10 To alleviate the tensions of the party guest why don’t you have some music ready. This could give a more relaxing and comfy atmosphere so everybody can merge.
If you have at your disposal, an extra room, or a room with adequate spacing, you may want to consider a stripper pole. You can find one just about anywhere either at your favorite adult store or online. Make sure you secure it well and have fun, as this is a party opener, especially after your guests have had something to drink.

If Anyone or any swinger club is interested to put a link here or looking for hook-ups do let me know so I can put your infor here.

Oral Sex? Either you Love or Hate it. But Addicted Later On.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I am sure most of the Ladies, Guys, Bi-Sexuals, gays or lesbians, couples, love oral sex. Most of us, but there are some who do not like it and think its kind of dirty or disgusting or I am not sure about it.

For me simple, I love oral sex alot. Its one of those main things that most times you cannot ignore and really can turn you on. But I will not go down on a lady if her below its not clean and gives bad odourMaybe some people do not mind. I am more particular but when I do go down, I behave like a dog sticking out its long tongue sucking and drinking lots of water....maybe like a cat sipping milk.

Ladies that is why for your guys who love oral sex with you its important to keep your lovely below clean and perhaps smell nice. It can really turn on some guys. Some guys like it shaved, some guys like it hairy. For me both the same, I will not get lost so long its smells nice and no odour.

As for Guys, I maybe one of the rare few who does this, curse me or what, wash your dick after your looloo = pee.
2 ways -  1) Wet your right hands with water, after peeing just clean it.
               2) Wet a tissue or toilet roll piece beforehand, when going peeing and after that clean it.

Why oral sex?
No matter who is going down on whom, the goal is to make it as pleasurable as possible. Most times a simple fact, if the other is turn on, he or she will become a devil and will do the same to you.
Its the empowering that you can have so much control over his or her's pleasure just by looking at your opposite sex. He/she is moaning and getting aroused ...... you know those kind of look and expression.

The main course ( For the Guys)

All men like to believe that they're the kings of the bedroom-ring by trying all kinds of sexual positions. But when it comes time for oral sex, some men avoid performing it while others view it as a chore. This is where The Player gets an upper hand over the competition.

Because men don't value the power of good oral sex, they pay little attention to detail and fall short of creativity with their cunnilingus performance. 99% of men will either perform oral sex in one of two positions: with her lying on her back or in position number 69.

Oral sex is just as important as intercourse. Some women even find it more intimate than intercourse itself and reach orgasm more quickly that way. If you want to be a great lover, you have to view oral sex as a main dish served in a variety of ways.

oral foreplay (For the Guys)

We all know the importance of foreplay before intercourse. But did you know that you can join her list of unforgettable lovers by adding oral foreplay to your menu of tasty desserts?

Don't jump onto her clitoris right away without first warming her up. Before you wind your tongue up, give her a teaser of what she can expect by taking your time to explore her erogenous zones.

During oral foreplay, use your tongue to lick her belly, inner thighs, behind her knees,  her buttocks, and the area surrounding her genitals. You can use your lips to kiss her outer labia, but you don't use your tongue yet at her clitoris. Make her wait and suffer than go in for the surprise attack.
Making her wait will increase her desire for you, but making her beg will ruin the mood. Stop the oral foreplay and give her what she desires at the right time. Observe the movement of her body. A dead giveaway is when she tries to position herself so that your mouth can find her. Creatively dive into her when she begins to press her inner thighs into you.
For the below methods I have listed some so long you master at least 2 of it or try to improve on it, its consider a very big step to enjoying sex. I wish I can show you some photos of me acting in it, unfortunately I do not have a partner right now :P

 Savor it

Women don't like rough brutes, but they want to see that their men are enjoying themselves while performing oral sex. Show her that you love tasting her by taking your time and being gentle. Use your lips, tongue and mouth lovingly on the areas surrounding her genitals.

When she can't stand it any longer, use your tongue as if it were a feather before you cover her with your mouth. Touch her vagina lightly, licking the labia and finding the vaginal opening. You can probe your tongue in and out, but remember, she's waiting for you to use your mouth, not your tongue.

 Be a "gentle" man

Women's genitals are very sensitive. Don't bite, don't blow into her and don't suck too hard. Everything you do has to be gentle; as if you're trying to lick a rose's petal without breaking it or pricking yourself.

When you feel the time is right, move on to her clitoris -- the place that brings most women to Orgasm. Use your tongue softly to make slow, wide and sensual strokes from the vaginal opening to the clitoris.

 Keep a steady rhythm

Some men make the mistake of increasing the stroking speed once they sense the woman is close to orgasm. But this is not the right way. Instead, keep the same rhythm or even decrease the stroking speed of your tongue. At this point, she will have a powerful orgasm, and probably more than just one.

 Time for gymnastics

Just like intercourse, oral sex feels different depending on how it's delivered. By trying different positions, oral play can create different moods, resulting in different and exciting visual scenarios, and leading to different kinds of stimulation. This will, in turn, set you apart from other men and get her addicted to you.

From personal experience, there are two different positions which really fuel a woman's orgasm: the Reverse Hug and Doggy Greet .

The Reverse Hug: This one is tricky but well worth it. You'll need to be in shape to do this, and it's another reason why you should
To be continued, after that will be for the Girls (busy lately working, need some time to write)

Does Penis Size Really Matters? For a Guy or Girl?

Sunday, 30 December 2012

I am sure regardless of whether you are female or male, all of us will be curious to know, agree or not agree. I have countless friends most of whom are guys. Some have small dicks, most average, some like mine bigger than average and I have came cross a rare few longer then 9 inches.
When it comes to size of the penis, the bigger the better is the popular belief. At times, this obsession with size can come in the way of sexual performance. So here are some facts and some myths about penile size. All races have different sizes, does not mean blacks always have big dicks, they are humans after all just like us. Only aliens we do not know of... 

My reply is the same to all. Yes and No. It depends on a few factors.

1) The lady's vagina internal size or depth.Girth.  (Different girls have different sizes to fit, some girls will complain just like a guy have different length of penis)

2) The lovemaking skill of the guy, how you perform. (Its not just pure fucking, not just about thrust in and out, its about everything, when you thrust sometimes you need to thrust by the side, abit left, right, slow, fast, feel it inside, look at the lady's expression, fondle her, kiss her neck, suck her nipples when fucking etc. I am sure all of us watch porn, bound to learn something free online, if not practice makes perfect)

3) The mindset or personalties or past sexual relationships of the participants , more on ladies. (If the lady is adventurous, want something bigger to feel the thrust longer, want abit of pain, more openminded, want more sensational feeling, or perhaps previous ex been fucking with a big dick she is used to it, so any smaller is like kind of strange. Either they like it or they don't)

4) Circumsize or cut just like a mushroom does help if no condom is used. (Its a bonus because its mushroom shape and it can cause more sensational rubbing in the vaginal, more skin feeling for the lady, it may trigger their g-spot amd besides its more hygienic)

Here are some facts about the common male penis that might put things into better perspective for you:
  • the size of the average penis when erect measures 5.5 inches
  • the size of the average penix when not erect is about 3.5 inches
  • the average girth of the penis (when erect) is 5.7 inches
  • actual amount of semen per ejaculation – 1-2 teaspoons
  • average speed of ejaculation – 28 miles per hour
  • average number of calories in a teaspoon of semen – 7
  • most arousing time of year for a man is autumn (fall)
  • most arousing time of day for a man is early morning
  • penis size is determined by factors beyond your control such as genetics and perhaps cultural factors (and even age)

I have read some very interesting arcticles and have consolidated here for us to share.

A) Rushton’s r-K life history theory- Africans are the most r-selected whereas Asians are the most K-selected, and Europeans are somewhere in between, although closer to Asians than Africans. Rushton claimed that these two reproductive strategies were associated with a whole suite of mental and physical characteristics including brain size, intelligence, criminality, and of course penis length. According to this theory, African men have the smallest brains and the largest penises, whereas Asian men are the opposite. This has been described as a Goldricks theory of race, in which European men are ‘just right’ having a combination of high intelligence and a reasonable genital endowment.

B) Women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are likelier than other women to say they climax more easily with men with larger penises, according to a new study.
Women who tend to prefer penile-vaginal intercourse
over other types of sex also say the same, it said.
 "Male anxiety about penis size may not reflect internalized, culturally arbitrary masculine stereotypes, but an accurate appreciation that size matters to many women — just as men feel legitimate anxiety when they enter the mating market about their intelligence, personality traits, sense of humor, social status, height, wealth, and other traits known to be favored by women across cultures," the Huffington Post quoted study researcher Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of the West of Scotland, as telling LiveScience.

New research by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that contrary to popular (wishful?) thinking penis size does matter when it comes to pleasing a woman in bed.

The good news is that it only matters for some women and some types of orgasms.
The research, printed online in September, has found that women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely than other women to say they climax more easily with men with larger penises.
Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of the West of Scotland who conducted the research asked a sample of 323 women about previous sexual encounters.
They were asked about their recent sexual behaviors as well as how important penile-vaginal intercourse and other sex acts were to them. They were also asked whether penis length influenced their ability to orgasm with vaginal stimulation.
Defining 'average' as the length of a £20 note, which is 5.8 inches (14.9 cm), the researchers asked women if they were more likely to orgasm vaginally with a longer-than-average or shorter-than-average penis.
Supporting the hypothesis that size matters, Brody and his colleagues found the women who reported the highest number of vaginal orgasms in the past month were most likely to say that longer was better.

These findings come eight months after the same journal reported sensational new evidence that vaginal and clitoral orgasms are, in fact, completely separate phenomena and activate different areas of the brain.
A series of essays published in April this year showed that contrary to popular belief - and many previous scientific findings - there was more than one way to satisfy a woman in bed and that the clitoris was not the only key to a woman's sexual satisfaction.
The research showed that not only can women climax through sexual intercourse alone, but the resulting orgasm is wildly different to those reached by clitoral stimulation.
Other startling findings cited by the essays in the series include:
  • Women are not only be able to orgasm from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, but from stimulation at a range of erogenous zones, with some able to even 'think' themselves to a peak;
  • The sensitive G-spot - once thought of as a semi-mythical orgasm hot spot - could have a role in pain relief during labour by more than doubling a woman's pain threshold;
  • The ability to reach climax through vaginal stimulation could be linked to both physical and mental health, with healthy women more likely to orgasm without clitoral stimulation.


Some of my past erotic photos and short videos.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

These are some photos I had with me ex fuck buddy. She has a voluptious body. Shes a good lover, loves deepthroat, always find my 8 inch dick abit bigger but still can take it. And she is loving it. I have make her cum multiple times. Do miss the times we have together. Shes bi curious. Unfortunately shes not in Singapore as she has gone overseas to work. So no longer together, now I am busy with my work.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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